The Scary Truth About Why You Can't Lose Weight & Don't Feel Well...
The SCARY TRUTH About Why You Can't Lose Weight & Don't Feel Well...
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Julie N. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I want to send an enormous thank you to Dr. Pompa for helping me get my health and my life back. Your knowledge and support have been tremendous. When I heard an interview Dr. Pompa recorded with the creator of CytoDetox, and then read Dr. Pompa’s article called "When Detox is Dangerous: Cellular and Heavy Metal Detox Done Right," I started crying because I knew this was an answer to my desperate prayers.
I was struggling with extreme exhaustion and neurological problems, due to sleeping in a moldy bedroom for a couple of years. (However, I have learned since then that the mold was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Several years before that, I had my mercury amalgam fillings removed ‘unsafely’, which instigated a whole string of challenges, culminating in my body’s total shutdown from the moldy biotoxins in the fall of 2015.

I was extremely fatigued at all times, yet had insomnia at night. I was gripped by anxiety, and I struggled with strange aches in my knees, back and collar bone. My desire to run and bike (as I had done regularly my whole adult life) was gone. I was depressed and it was a struggle to find the energy and motivation to take even a short walk around the block. 
I started devouring Dr. Pompa’s videos and articles. Thank goodness, because I had been attempting several of my own detox processes, not knowing that I was actually RE-toxing my body. I learned from Dr. Pompa that my lower detox channels had shut down. The toxins needed a way out, and they unfortunately found that outlet through my skin. I experienced dozens upon dozens of boils/cysts all over my chin and jaw bone and over my sinuses. It was SCARY and extremely disheartening.
I started Dr. Pompa’s Detox protocol with the Cytodetox... I am THRILLED to say that my skin has cleared up, my energy is returning, the anxiety, brain fog and depression are gone. The best thing is that I feel hopeful about life again. It has been a commitment and quite a process, but I would recommend Dr. Pompa's special Detox protocol to EVERYONE.
Julie N